What is V2G/V2B?

V2G and V2B stand for the bi-directional use of electricity stored in EV batteries. The technology goes beyond smart charging, and connects travel routines, grid stress levels, and electricity markets. Batteries can be used for transportation, for providing flexibility services to the grid, for Energy Efficiency (EE) optimisation at buildings level, and for better integrating the distributed Renewable Energy Sources (RES) production. This creates a real market opportunity that will be explored by V2Market.


refers to the action of discharging the electricity stored in the EV battery to the grid to provide flexibility services in exchange of an economic remuneration by the system operator (TSO or DSO).


is based on discharging the electricity into a building to optimize its energy efficiency management. This enables an optimal use of the different building elements, including renewable energy generation when available (for example solar rooftop).