V2Market is an innovative service to incorporate EV batteries into the electricity system as storage and flexibility capacity using Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technology.

V2Market tackles system efficiency and uses big data and price forecasting ICT tools to extract the maximum value from pools of EVs.

V2Market puts together all the relevant actors in the value chain to create new business models for aggregators, EV owners and flexibility buyers.


Incorporate Electric Vehicles (EV2) in the electricity system as storage and flexibility capacity.


Offer new revenue streams for Energy Efficiency (EE) and flexibility services to EV owners.


Enable the large deployment of EVs in a way that facilitates grid management and system efficiency.

The V2Market project will:

  • Tackle financial barriers facilitating access to new financial resources: EPC and servitisation schemes
  • Test V2G and V2B technology
  • Create contractual arrangements for the emerging business model of aggregators and put together all the actors across the value chain
  • Use monitoring and price forecast ICT tools to facilitate the evaluation of business opportunities for EV owners and aggregators


V2Market value chain

The massive deployment of renewable energy and EVs and their integration into the electricity grid imply a new organisation of the electricity markets. V2Market will clarify the role of an aggregator and develop the contractual relations between all parties.

Different business models can be developed to deliver a comprehensive service for V2G. V2Market will explore new revenue streams related to the selling of flexibility services to the grid and showcase incentives for the end user to engage in V2G services.

  • GIVe: end user ICT tool adapted to EV owners and aggregators and connected to a local distributed electricity market
  • IREMEL: local electricity market adapted to distributed energy resources with dynamic price signals
  • BD4OPEM: open platform connected with GIVe and IREMEL facilitating the forecast of flexibility needs
  • EPC: Energy Performance Contract

V2Market contractual arrangements