Pilot site

Àrea Metropolitana Barcelona (AMB), which comprises 36 municipalities, will test the V2Market service in real market conditions. The pilot will:

  • Draft a common tendering document for the public procurement of V2G services.
  • Test the connection between the GIVe software (provided by Nuvve), the existing electricity markets, IREMEL (OMIE) and the BD4OPEM platform (Nuvve). The test will prove their technical feasibility to participate in the markets and manage the charging/discharging of EVs.
  • Ensure usability of the software for the EV users from AMB.
  • Assess the acceptance and uptake of the service by end-users in a real environment.
  • Tailor the best contractual arrangements using the big data analysis of the AMB patterns for charging and discharging.
The AMB has already one V2G station installed (operating as V2B), while sixteen further V2G stations are scheduled to be installed during 2022 in three different locations:

AMB has a clear political commitment and engagement in pioneering the V2G in Spain, it has also created several incentives like a network of EV charging points, free public parking for EVs in some municipalities, and PV stations for electric cars.